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A Scary Night spent in Yasin Valley

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Yasin Resthouse 450x301 A Scary Night spent in Yasin Valley

My mom used to tell us scary stories, stories of old houses, old storerooms, untouched jungles, far away villages, graveyards etc, full of horror but with a good lesson in end. The main purpose of her stories was to make us brave and handle the situation by letting it go. Probably most of her stories were fictional but few true stories as well. She used to say this world is not only created for Human, but for Jins as well. All the creatures do their own work and never interfere. But there are few who interfere in your life.

May be someone interfered in mine as well, not really scary but something I witnessed. She said they make you scared to an extent that you bear the situation, or they won’t.

I am habitual of traveling alone, starting right from my grade 10 and still wandering. I was exploring the adjoining valleys of Gilgit City during summer 2009 and Yasin Valley was one of them.

It was a bright sunny day when I left Gilgit, though the clouds made it dark while I reached Gupis for lunch. Khan, my driver told me that the valley we are going to stay in is the native town of Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaahed, the first soldier from Northern Areas to receive Nishan-i-Haider.

The sun was about to set, there was no sign of any valley; the road was surrounded with huge dark mountains, and dark clouds above them added spice to the scene. It felt like a magical valley from some old fairy tale.

Suddenly mountains and the road opened up into a beautiful valley with far wide farm fields, people going back home and a small bazaar of Yasin Valley. We stopped by our Resthouse for tea known as Yasin Resthouse.

Khan told me that we should pay our visit to the rest place of Havaldar Lalik Jan before it gets dark. The valley was wide engulfed in between two big mountains. A bright sunshine behind dark clouds over the field made it a beautiful country side scene. I had a feeling that it’s going to rain. I took few shots of the place and then headed back to the rest house for dinner.

It was an old building resthouse, I can’t say the exact period but my room was huge with big walls and an only window behind my bed. I couldn’t figure what’s outside my window since it was dark. Two beds in the room had already made me uncomfortable since one was going to be unoccupied whole night. It was cold and the best remedy for me in cold is tea, so I had tea with Khan before going to bed. He left and I locked up the room.

Things didn’t seem well, or we can say it wasn’t like it should have been. But what it is to be like? I was wondering with that thought all night, having a feeling of fear, may be of being the only guest in this resthouse or of being the only person in his huge hall like room. The cause of my fear wasn’t something physical but it was aura of the place that felt different.

Anyhow, I slept peacefully with the name of Allah by the turning of the lights.

I don’t remember what time it was, I was feeling cold. It was silent outside and started to rain. I felt the presence of someone in my vicinity. That feeling woke me up but I didn’t open my eyes. It felt extreme cold, to an extent that didn’t let me open up my eyes. Of course that was just a feeling.

I gave myself another thought to sleep and forget all about it. I tried to sleep again but this time I felt something in real, the footsteps on fallen leaves outside like someone is literally walking with a slow pace in order to make me listen to each footstep. It was real and I am definitely sure that I was fully conscious and awake. Those footsteps really broke silence in the room. The window was right behind my bed but I never wanted to see outside.

Who was it? What was that sound? Who is outside my window and what is it doing that late? I thought of whatever question that came to my mind.

I again gave myself a thought to sleep and forget the whole scene but it kept on happening with continuous intervals.

I couldn’t sleep then, I had to stop this. I gave myself a thought that it’s an animal and let go back to sleep. May be I was just deviating my mind.

I turned on the lights, recited Ayatul Qursi (an ayah/verse from the Qur’an, in Surah Baqarah for protection).

My brother had taught me a lesson during childhood; to face things that scare you and it will vanish. That thought gave me courage to open the door to identify the cause. It was extreme dark and raining cats and dogs that didn’t allow me to go outside. I wish I had an umbrella!

The footsteps vanished and I slept, rain had washed away all dark clouds and the green fields turned back into the natural colors. The valley looked beautiful in morning.

I told the caretaker of resthouse and Khan about the incident. Both of them refused that they woke up in the night and went that way. The caretaker told me that there are no wild animals in this town and especially this resthouse has none due to its boundaries. It’s impossible.

Everything was fine for me, I wasn’t scared at all but there were some unanswered questions.

  1. Was the place haunted?
  2. Yes there were fallen leaves outside my window and someone walked on it. Who was it?
  3. If I was the only guest in resthouse that night, who could have walked in slow pace outside my window? Who?
  4. Why would someone walk outside my window during Rain?
  5. The leaves made a crunchy sound with each footstep, why didn’t it get soak in rain?

I will always take these questions with me and now I want to go back to the valley, stay in the same room and solve this unsolved mystery. I believed what my mom taught me; that there exist other creatures in this world that we can’t see and sometimes they do interfere, but never give you any harm.

Whatever it was, I had a beautiful day next morning, a visit to the nearby ruins of a fort and back to Gilgit City. May be that was one of my most memorable travels ever, and I may get more like this in future. Whatever it is, I won’t stop traveling.

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47 Responses to “A Scary Night spent in Yasin Valley”

  1. From Jiya:

    You very well know Danial that mysterious events always lead to the following of another mysterious happening which is not unnatural to people having inquisitive and exploring nature and trusting faith.Belief in all the creations of Allah always helps to tackle every scary,mysterious and illogical moment with certainity even with fearful,shaky thoughts.
    Your story got me hooked to every word :)It is written very interestingly and with a feverish memory.I also wish now that you had an umbrella….But there is always a next time ;)

    Posted on 08. Jan, 2011 at 5:13 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      Thanks Jiya :) I will always take umbrella with me while traveling :) lol

      Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 12:49 am #
  2. From Aiman:

    Hey Danial,
    Every time I read your blog I wish I could also explore my country like this and experience these different things. Events like these I think improve your Imaan and your faith in Allah becomes stronger. I really appreciate that you share your experiences with us because they also teach us lessons :)

    Posted on 08. Jan, 2011 at 10:44 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Aiman: Thank you Aiman :) I must appreciate that you actually took time to read my story. I pray that you pay a visit to this beautiful country very soon :)
      Thanks a lot

      Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 12:50 am #
  3. From AISHA:

    ASALAM O ALIKUM Danial ..
    hope ur well n well in protection of ALLAH all mighty ,this is my first time i read ur blog n it was really interesting, i do traveled around Pakistan as my husband is in army, and like u I do come up with such incidents in Sibi and in Murree but I believe that these happenings happen to make or break our faith .
    all I can say is be strong, keep exploring our Pakistan its beautiful

    Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 6:48 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      Hey Aisha
      Thank you for stopping by, You are 100% right that these things are either to break or make our faith. That depends on how strong we are. You must be having a good time having this adventurous life :) And Thanks a lot for your appreciation :)

      Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 11:54 am #
  4. From Meher Zaidi:

    I even heard the cold footsteps in my computer. Have you put in sound effects. They came when I was reading about the footsteps. They were two in nuber. Scary.We have the same feeling when you go to lake Saiful Muluk especially after one in afternoon.

    Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 9:19 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Mehar: Thats one of the best compliment i have ever received :) Thank you Meher. Well, i never stayed around Saif ul malook so can’t say but I would like to know the details now :)

      Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 11:46 am #
  5. From jia:

    ur pictures n ur writing always push me up to do somethimg in my life.
    but life is also a mystery so 1st m solving n after that i’ll be do like u :P

    anyway ur doing great work in photography and writing
    Allah always bless u.

    Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 at 5:33 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @jia: Glad to heat that seriously! lol, life is a mystry and let it be a mystery :) Thank you for liking my work!

      Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 at 12:49 am #
  6. From abdullah arif:

    i went through ur tale..indeed there are jinnat around us and when we enter their domain they response too…..iv had personal moments like this in MURREE HILLS and ZOHB VALLEY…the later is reported as the place where Hazrat Sulaiman A.S trapped many jinnat in…..Murree hills are also known for haunted spots and my personal interactions not for once but twice on different moments with huge interval makes the lead further strong…

    the trust on ALLAH S.W.T makes this fear go away as the evil is with us for some time while ALMIGHTY is with us all the time…SUBHAN ALLAH…

    still stay safe n dont open doors in such situations…ur domain is guarantee for ur safety so dont allow easy access in it….

    Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 at 2:20 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Abdullah: W/salam :) Do you know about Takht-e-Suleman? situated in the vicinity of Zhob. You are right that Allah always gives us strength.

      Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 at 1:26 pm #
      • From abdullah:

        yup…i know about takht-e-sulaiman…its the mountain on which hazrat sulaiman a.s stopped to see pak-indo subcontinent while going back to arabia….

        and again, opening doors is not good….mostly caretakers of such motels tend to do such things….

        recently i went hunting at kallar kahar…just around 3am me and my friends heard a noise…to our shocking infact spine chilling surprise, the metal pot we cooked food in and had left out of the camp to avoid animals, well it was moving to and fro while the lid was in air….i asked all to get back in camps and sleeping bags…the sound kept up till dawn…

        my cousin was visiting my aunt in islamabad and was sleeping with her kids when around 1am she woke up to see that the room dust bin was spinning all around the room….she kept reciting ayat ul kursi but this didnt stop for upto two hours….

        even lahore islamabad motorway has got spooks all over it….specially from river jehlum till chakwal and later chakri interchanges…..once a bush from roadside kept floating with car of my friend throughout the entire salt range patch…

        Posted on 07. Feb, 2012 at 4:05 pm #
        • From danialshah:

          @Abdullah: now thats SOME SCARY STUFF SERIOUSLY.specially the Kallar Kahar :) i would love to experience that :)

          Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 at 4:17 pm #
  7. From Nabeel:

    Once it happens with me in my school days. I was sitting in my room, studying late in a cold night. Everyone was sleeping and whole world was so quite. Suddenly I hear the footsteps coming towards my room. My chair was right next to door that I can’t see what is outside, but whatever come will encounter me first. Footsteps came near and near, my heartbeats grew and I still remember those heart beats, that feeling. Sound become louder gradually like someone has came very near and just going to scare shit out of me, but nothing showed up. Sound was still there…
    but my heart beat get a little control and I noticed that it was a clock sound, tick tick tick. oohhuuf… take a deep breath and took a lesson that studying is not good ;) so go to bed.

    Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 at 2:49 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Nabeel: hahahha :) I loved your story :P. Keep studying so you’ll get successful oneday :D

      Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 11:18 am #
  8. From zahida:

    My brother is that all?
    I was living in this rented accomodation about a year back and man I was seeing creatures inside my room. My laptop would come on by itself, things would be thrown about, I would see things on my bed… and after all this what the funny thing is that I stayed in that place for three or four months. And I didn’t even bother phoning my family to let them know of the events but when I did… dad was like ok… no big deal, they’re not hurting you so what’s the worry but my siter was like it is azab on you you, the ginns living in that place are going to kill you and God doesn’t like you that’s why you’re experiencing the shaitans and things… I was like thanx a lot.

    It wasn’t that I was brave that I decided to just put up with things but the actual matter of the fact was that my experiences in the grave would be far scarier and I wouldn’t be able to run to my mum and dad or anyone for protection. So why not ask the one that is going to help me then to help me now… So I just asked God to give me both strength and protection and if He were to help me then the strength of God is way supeor than that of any shaitan. The experience did cause me to realise how weak my Iman was because when I first saw the creatures on my bed, infact was woken up by them… I could hardly speak to say out the Ayatal Kursi.

    I wasn’t the only resident in that comlex that was experiencing these things__ but I was the only Muslim though out of the about 70 people within that 3 storey complex. Other people too were experiencing paranormal activities, but most of them didn’t have such extreme experiences and they didn’t have them so frequently, Except my next door neighbour. I thought I had been courageous putting up with all that but the girl next door was experiencing a lot more but she was not the dot bit scared. Her baby son would be playing with invisable creatures and his toys would move by themselves, her window would just open by itself but she would just wave and smile in the direction of the creatures…. Sh’ed experienced muchworse paranormal activity, other than what I’ve mention ed here but she didn’t see what was scary about things moving by themselves or anything…. She was very young and an agnostic by faith and she would find all paranormal experience just so funny and laughable and she would just laugh mad when people told her they got the fright of their life when their stereo went on by itself or that they saw their mum’s face floating in the air or things like that.

    The bottom line was that there was activity in that place but no-one was in any way getting harmed or hurt so nobody saw any point in getting worried about the ginns in that place.

    Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 5:07 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Zahida: Thank you Sister for taking your time out and reading my post. My story seems nothing as compared to yours. Well I mentioned that my mom told me that these things are there and we can’t ignore them, and they won’t hurt you. She also told me that there are muslim and non muslim jins. You happen to be really brave as they play with you to a level that you can tolerate.
      Keep praying
      Thanks for sharing :)

      Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 11:24 am #
    • From Nabeel:

      What a belief! I like what you said about experiences in grave. May ALLAH protect us all

      Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 12:47 pm #
  9. From Shoaib Alam Khatri:

    Assalam o Alaikum Danial bhai,
    Why u didn’t try to explore that supernatural feeling that someone was thr?? :p Yesterday, i have got you on FB, and i ‘m really impressed with your photography, travelling and blogs. I wish i could travel with you. :(

    Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 10:56 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      Assalam o allaikom Shoaib :-) Lol yar btaya to i couldn’t because of heavy rain :) :D
      oh Thanks a lot for liking my work yar. Traveling is easy yar, just take a bit of courage and some dreams :)

      Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 11:20 am #
  10. From Jiya:

    Backpack mein umbrella ka izafa Danial :D I hope u don’t have difficulty in running ;)

    Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 at 8:33 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Jiya: haha :D :D

      Posted on 13. Jan, 2011 at 10:58 pm #
    • From Syeda Bukhari:

      hahaha! coouldnt resist!
      Jiya you are too funny!

      Posted on 07. May, 2012 at 1:37 pm #
  11. From Rubaba Waqar:

    I joined yr page last night.Just reading the name ‘I Explore Pakistan’ and seeing some of the pics made me YEARN for my country….my PAKISTAN, my mountains,my green fields, my northern areas…i miss it all living so far away in Accra, Ghana (west Africa). Though i visit twice a yr,yet its not the same as being IN Pakistan!
    yr story was scary,but reading it left me hungry for more. I suggested yr page to all my friends n family. Will go through more blogs now, and will enjoy them i’m sure. Thanks once again for sharing this delightful page.

    Posted on 15. Jan, 2011 at 7:02 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Rubaba: Its an honor for me Rubaba :) I am delighted to see your remarks. I hope my pictures would be good enough to make yourself feel Pakistan there :)
      Thanks a lot for suggesting my page :) Stay tuned for more stories :)

      Posted on 18. Jan, 2011 at 8:34 pm #
  12. From Waqas Ali:

    This is so interesting and funny Danial. :) Good thing is that you had great stay over there and was not afraid at all. I think it was their way of saying Hello to you.

    All the best for more wonderful experience.

    Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 at 12:07 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Waqas: Thank you Waqas:) hehe yes it is funny lol

      Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 at 9:12 pm #
  13. From Ali Hussanain Bhalli:

    that is the first blog of yours which i read
    i liked it
    you had put it in the best way imagiable
    i would ask you f you can also describe the how one can travel there, what to do and what not to. expenses incurred on different things, how you arrange your trip etc
    hope u will look in ti it
    keep posting

    Posted on 26. Jan, 2011 at 11:58 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      W/sala, Ali
      Thank you for liking my blog!
      i will definitely share the tips on traveling there! and i travel alone usually so i can share whatever are my expenses :)
      Have a good day:)

      Posted on 26. Jan, 2011 at 8:39 pm #
  14. From Hina:

    I felt I was there. :) Beautiful read. And aye, a little thrill in life is not bad, eh? Adds a certain mystery and spices up the adventures :)

    Posted on 22. Feb, 2011 at 5:11 am #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Hina: that means you actually felt all those things ::) …. and you are right :) i have always loved adventures :)

      Posted on 22. Feb, 2011 at 10:47 pm #
  15. From monica:

    Danial ,once it happend to me as well…lolz. that nite i even cant forgt it , that shadow around my window that nite, lamp switched off itself and that shadow of man keeps on appearing through windows towards walls.. that nite i spent in one of the oldest guesthouse of abbottabad..same uqestions arosen in my mind still.. tht place was soo scary1 i can still feel the scare u were gone through whole nite.. even u cant pass a single minute…whole nite i ve been reciting ayats ..wishing to get out of tht place alive…lolz. but i always think why it happens in old houses or places ??

    Posted on 27. Feb, 2011 at 9:50 pm #
    • From Danial Shah:

      @Monica: Hey Monica, thanks a lot for stopping by. wow i so loved your story. I can understand how it must have happened with you :) pretty adventurous :) lol. I would like to know more about it if you would want to share :)

      Posted on 01. Mar, 2011 at 5:11 pm #
  16. From asma:

    if lives were exchangable i would change mine with yours :P very well written u have great talent in both writing and photography i pray you witness a very bright future ..take care

    Posted on 11. Aug, 2011 at 10:40 am #
    • From danialshah:

      @Asma: oh come on… .:) aisa nahi kehtey …everyone’s life is precious :) THANKS A LOT

      Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 at 6:23 pm #
  17. From Moeen Pervaiz Butt:

    I have too much experiences about such invisible creatures. I cannot write all these. I feel such creatures and some time I communicate with them. I think my statement will be Scary for some of you !! :-)

    Posted on 15. Aug, 2011 at 9:50 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Moeen Pervaiz: really? wow :) please share some seriously :)

      Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 at 6:22 pm #
  18. From Muhammad Omar Iftikhar:

    Interesting story. Yes, there are other creatures too, who live with us. What happened with you was real. But not everything can be explained. You are one lucky person that you are not only travelling across Pakistan but experiencing events which are out of this world!

    Posted on 08. Sep, 2011 at 5:59 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Omer: true :)

      Posted on 12. Nov, 2011 at 4:58 am #
  19. From nida:

    hey daniyal r u gilgiti couz em gilgiti buh leaves in khi i heard about lotx of paranormal inccedents in ma village n had experianced tht couple of times in ma life vill surely tell u awl abt tht

    Posted on 28. Dec, 2011 at 10:40 pm #
  20. From Syeda Bukhari:

    AOA, Danial….man you are a storyteller indeed! See what your story has done…it has made me to write about my bit for your pot!…:)
    Like you, and most of us, since childhood, all loved the stories of Jinns and likes of them and then would always imagine them around us to prove to cousins and siblings we are the brave ones…:)
    Well here is my story…
    Back in mid December of 2006, I attended a Day long seminar about how to diagnose and the cure the effects of Black Magic (I know, i know :P). I was in London,UK at that time for my post graduate studies and was staying at university hostel. Well the whole day went very well and learned a lot of new stuff and was reminded of some i already knew. During the session, out of 300 students and attendees, about 3 girls turned out to be possessed by some evil jinns. (What happened to those girls is another story, maybe some other time we can share.) Eventually around 8pm my friends who were the locals, left me at hostel by myself.
    I offered my Isha prayers and was amazed to realize that how quiet these cold nights are in London. Actually since it was December, so majority of my hostel mates had already headed home to spend the winter break (i needed to finish my lab work so had to stay back). The exhaustion of the day was now showing its effects to my nerves….
    Suddenly, i started to feel as if i could not breathe, and there was some heavy load on my chest, and it was really heavy. someone was in the room besides me. I thought, oh its some figment of my imagination. I tried to brush it off. I offered few more nafls to get rid of the feeling. But no use. I thought i should listen to Quran recitation in the voice of my favourite Qari, that always is very soothing….there you go, i could not locate the recording anywhere on my laptop. Silently i tried to stay calm by telling myself maybe i, by mistake, deleted the files. No problem, i knew about the AlHuda international’s website and thought i can get it from there. Internet Zindabad….Once again, not only the above mentioned but numerous other such sites were unreachable and , and , and no internet as the network appeared to have crashed!….I was on the verge of freaking out. My whole body was now trembling and sweating. I made a mental note to myself to calm down and that i should not worry, nothing can harm me, as Allah swt has made us the Humans, the Best amongst His creations, so nothing to fear. But who to tell this to the fear building up inside me……such level of Emaan i tell you!
    I again tried to recite all the Surahs i knew by heart, all the Duas both Quraanic and those taught by Prophet SAW (Masnoon), and tried to calm myself but that thing inside my chest was like a little baby, trembling and palpating…pounding so hard that i thought that today i will see it out in my hands….seriously!
    I rang my cousin in Chicago and asked her to keep talking to me and not to ask any question, the blesssed soul gave me company till the time she could manage and told me to keep reciting the duas….
    Around 3am, i offered Tahajjud…just imagine :) Stayed on the prayer mat till as long as i could manage and suddenly realized that i should do the tasbeeh of Allah’s names….by doing so, i finally laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes…..must be 5/10 or 15 mins max, i was told by a voice so soothing and loving that i should say Ayatul Kursi for certain odd number of times….Guys i totally had forgotten to recite that all night long!
    And believe it or not, i followed the advice in my sleep and the weight was lifted and i was able to breathe normally….and due to my fear i had opened the windows of my room, it was Fajar time, i heard the Azan…..and i woke up! I was so grateful to Allah swt for helping me out during those long hours of the night. I got up, offered my Fajar and recited Surah Yaseen, drank the water on which i had read the surah and i was as cool as morning breeze….so fresh that no one can believe i went through that all night long.
    Even now when i get to think about it, i can not help but shudder …atleast once….hehehe! But one thing always make me happy, that this incident made me love and cling more to Allah swt…:))

    And guess what…it took me almost 5 years to gather the courage and confidence to speak about it to others. Im sure those who have been through this experience know how one feels….and i time and again remind myself that its mind game. If i let my mind tell me im scared, i will never be able to face any such situation. And if i am to stay positive and strong, it will be just another one of those qissas to be saved for our children….:))

    Stay safe all of you. Dont forget Ayatul Kursi…and every once in a while do drink the water on which you yourself have recited Surah Yaseen…InshaAllah none of the brothers or sisters from Jinn clan will bother us!
    Happy travelling Danial! Keep us posted with brilliant write ups!

    Whatever that thing was, which came along with me to my room from where ever, i had some one already living there with me in the same room…but it never bothered my apart from playing silly pranks.I had this beautiful Quraanic (Surah-tul Falaq and Surah An Naas) Screen saver installed on my Laptop, which kept playing all the while i was not in my room.

    Posted on 07. May, 2012 at 4:42 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Syeda Bukhari: OMG. Syeda, you are a better story teller then mine. Thanks for ruining my sleep last night and giving goosebumps :P.
      Well i believe they exist. our religion says that all. We should accept them as they are. there are good jins and bad ones. Some play with us, some tease us. Some hide from us. And if we intrude in their life then then intrude in ours.

      My mom would always say that they tease you according to your strength and patience.

      I am glad you liked the story :)

      Posted on 08. May, 2012 at 9:37 am #
  21. From Ramal:

    Oh My God.. Daniyal i have been following your blogs for quite some time now but have always been a silent reader.. this time after reading your blog and the comments i was just left breath-taken! Culdnt stop myself from commenting.. I have got so much to say and write but seriously i’m running short of words. you are gifted Daniyal! Mashallah. not only do u have a wonderful sense of photography, u create magic with your words. u have got the art to express yourself so beautifully that u get your readers hooked. You live the moment and we experience it in your words.
    i wish i could express my feelings even half the way like u have narrated your story. i feel so strongly for Pakistan (almost all the patriots here do), i think it is the most beautiful place on this mighty Planet Earth and who can deny that after seeing our country from your eye! I first got to know about you when u visited my university IoBM for Ignite 2012. that day only i rushed back home and googled Danial Shah because i so WANTED to see your work. From that day i have been a regular viewer of ur work. Travelling has always been my passion but you have added travel photography to my list of passions :p
    I so want to wish u all the best in life. May u get watever u wish for and u keep sharing your work like this for us. Your work makes me love my country even more and literally makes me emotional when i realize that how beautiful this place is.
    God has given u a wonderful gift in the form of ur talent of photography as well as writing. I really wish u all the best for ur travelling. Keep us updated u truly are rendering a wonderful service to all the patriots like me!

    Posted on 08. May, 2012 at 8:36 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      OMG. Ramal. I am highly honored :D. I am glad you expressed your views. Ignite was a roller coaster ride for me. Btw, i also happen to be an IoBM student ;).
      you should do travel photography. its fun. it keeps me alive. :)
      Keep reading and keep expressing, keep commenting. Its a boost up for me to express more :)

      Posted on 09. May, 2012 at 6:11 am #
  22. From Shumaila:

    Oh God ….Daniyal i must say u r one lucky guy getting along with two superb jobs, photography and travelling. i wish i coould travel like u ..going to places never seen before, out of body experience. These scary stories scared daylights out of me, as i am quiet a chicken and haven’t experienced any such thing( i wish i dont ). Keep on sharing such stuff and best of luck.

    Posted on 23. Mar, 2014 at 7:50 pm #


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