Jan 01

My Travel Companion

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mytravelcompanion1 My Travel Companion

Lonely Planet - Pakistan and the karakoram highway

I remember how i first started collecting maps, guide books and every relevant content to travel back in my childhood. I really wanted to travel. Had never traveled that much back then. It was always my first priority. Every single book shop that i visited, i’ll spend whole time of mine at the travel and photography section, to find out more. By the time i started traveling, i already had a set of Pakistan guide books. Lonely Planet : Pakistan and the Karakoram Highway was one of it.

I remember how i started with that guide book, knowing nothing except the maps in my mind and some relevant information about the place. But i realized that the real experience is in exploring things on your own. The guide book can just tell you what’s there. There are countless other things that you will never find in the guide book.

I still carry that book with me as a good reference. I still get every single guide book from the book store.I now truly believe that good luck comes to those who really plan for it. And i have never stopped traveling.

Keep traveling!

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