Jul 15

Man vs Nature

by in Azad Kashmir

Kashmir is all green but there are places where you’ll get to see dry patches besides the mountains, the dry patch of rocky stones spreaded all over. If i would have captured this picture all alone without the man on top right walking towards me, you would not have been able to understand the size of these stones, big stones.

dhulli Man vs Nature

A man walking towards me from faraway - shot near by a water stream at Dhulli - Azad Kashmir - Paksitan


Dhulli, a small valley close to Bagh in Azad Kashmir was one of the place where i spent few days while traveling all across Pakistan. This patch of stones and cold water stream was right at 5 minutes distance to the place where i stayed and it became my daily routine to go and sit by the stream every sunset.

I can’t capture whole nature in just one photograph, but i can snap the essence of its mightiness. Nature is next to BIG, next to un imaginable by man, we can only understand the difference, feel it and let go. Nature does unimaginable things that moves us.

What do you have to say about nature? How would you describe the mightiness of nature versus man?

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2 Responses to “Man vs Nature”

  1. From Jiya:

    I would say nature says GO WITH THE FLOW :)

    Posted on 16. Jul, 2011 at 6:23 am #


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