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Is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan?

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chaman border pakistan Is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan?

Entrance to Pakistan via Pak Afghan Border - Chaman, Balochistan.

I have been receiving mails regarding queries of the safety conditions of traveling in Pakistan. So instead of replying to all those mail i thought to draft out following points that can help you to travel inside Pakistan.

1. No country is safe or unsafe

One thing i would want you to understand regarding traveling is that No country is safe / unsafe. It all depends on you how rough you can travel. If you are comparing traveling in Europe with Pakistan then it is for sure you’ll  face some hurdles. However if you are an avid traveler and understand the circumstances that a country can bring to you (that is obvious part of traveling) then you need not to think if its unsafe or safe to travel.

1. Do Not Read the News Paper

Trust me, its useless to read the newspaper before traveling. I tell you why. You will read all about what negative is going on around the country. However, there will be lots of positive things going on which will not be mentioned and the negative news will take over your traveling. Its good to know whats happening in the country but not everything. There are things that you should not know as well.

2. Do Not watch the News

This goes similar with the news paper. Same things. It will never let you travel, or even not let you leave your house. Am i right?

3. Know about the place

When i say know about the place, that does not again refer to news but you should ask the people who have recently been there. Get their insights and reviews. They might have had good or bad experience, but your intention is just to get more information about the place where you have decided to go.

3. Think Less

This is one of the useful tool for me to travel. I think less about the place before traveling. I just take little information on safety precautions and then just leave without thinking more and it has always been helpful. The more i think about the place the more worry i get.

4. Hurdles are a part of traveling

Like every other traveler, be brave to face hurdles. Again i say that the hurdles are a part of traveling no matter of which country you are traveling too. But i always enjoy the hurdles and take them as a part of my journey.

When you are brave enough with a positive attitude, things that are not in your favor will not take over over and ruin your traveling.

5. How to avoid Terrorism?

Its funny but you have to believe, we are also suffering from it but we are leading a normal life. I find it really easy at the moment to travel across borders between different provinces of Pakistan. One thing that you need to make sure is not to travel to the troubled regions. When i say troubled regions, it means some specific places.  For example, I am not talking about whole balochistan but some regions where its not safe. That does not mean you avoid the whole beautiy of Balochistan etc.

6. Fight with your inner self

I must say this is one of the most difficult part. I always face difficulties fighting with my innerself to make the innitiative to travel. Whatever you plan for whichever place, when the time starts getting near to move, your innerself tells you not to move, stay at home and enjoy the tv. But there comes a time you need to fight with your innerself and take an innitiative to move. Trust me, once you innitiate to travel, everything around you molds a form in your favor.

Yet there are lots of other things you can do / avoid doing in order to travel. But you have to travel and explore your country. Just don’t find excuses not to see the beauty of your country. Pakistan really is a beautiful country full of hospitable people.

If you have any such tip you would want to share, or have a question regarding safety in Pakistan, just post it as a comment .

Happy traveling across Pakistan icon smile Is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan?

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25 Responses to “Is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan?”

  1. From jawad khan:

    one thing i would like to add is inform the authorities, your parents and elders where you are actually going, i have seen even some of my friends, they lie to their parents, they will tell that they are going to murree and and in fact they head for swat, naran, even if you are going to swat, naran or where ever you want, just tell the truth, God forbade if something happens so that your parents and friends know where you are currently,

    Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 7:25 am #
    • From danialshah:

      @Jawad Khan: i will agree to that. Its always best to inform any of your close relatives about your whereabouts. Always recommendable. Thanks Jawad for your input

      Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 4:06 pm #
  2. From Marcela La Plata:

    Thanks Danial for sharing your points. However, I am not very sure how that works with women, as it is my understanding that it is not very common having ladies moving here and there on their own in Pakistan. If that being the case, we would need a translitator / guide and it elevates the costs of a “backpackers” travelling :(
    Same, Jawad is so right in his comment of letting close people know where we are exactly, and if possible, add the phone numbers of hotels / travel agencies we can be found.

    Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 4:39 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Marcela La Plata: Mercela, I must say that its a different scenario for women travelers, however its not at all difficult. If you can speak English then it becomes easier to travel. I have actually came across backpacker women travelers in the northern areas of Pakistan traveling on their own using english. But yet again every country brings out different challenges and you have to cater accordingly.

      Secondly I always give my mobile number, or phone number of hotel / address to my immediate family members and they are always in touch in that respect. :)

      Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 5:22 pm #
  3. From Nabiha Zeeshan:

    There’s safety in numbers too. If you’re travelling with friends and peers, you can bounce off ideas about which route to take and which places to avoid.

    I think the best people to ask in any country are the taxi drivers and the local shop keepers. They’re better informed about the country’s practical situation than the journalists! So yes, avoiding newspapers is a good point :)

    Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 5:03 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Nabiha: Oh yes numbers do make a difference but what if you want to travel alone? like me :P hehe. And i second that point of yours. Its always good to ask taxi drivers and shop walas. In fact i do the same. I get the best local insight through that. Thanks for adding to it :)

      Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 5:24 pm #
  4. From Osama Ahmed Farooqi:

    Very well said, Danaial! Look how peacefully we can live here in Pakistan doing whatever we want but do not forget our country is under a 4th generation war where a dozen soldiers are being martyred daily. Let me clear the doubt that this incident was an attack from NATO that had a figure of 28 martyred plus dozens injured BUT what about the daily routine attacks by TTP (Tehreek-Taliban-Pakistan or simply Pakistani Taliban)! Guys this is off-topic but I just want to tell u guys that u must not forget these soldiers who are giving their lives for our comfort and safety! I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but I cannot tell u how I love my country and nowadays just trying to settle in there. Despite the luxury life here, you guys are lucky and have what I do not! U see and feel it but I just get a small time in an year!

    Let me also give u a great news that Pakistan will be the world’s best country in an year or two. Even if u do not agree but wait for some time and u will see it for yourself!

    I hope u get it!

    Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 6:26 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Osama: Osama, i like the optimist approach of yours and i believe you 100% :) Thanks for sharing your insight :)

      Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 at 6:52 pm #
      • From Osama Ahmed Farooqi:

        Thanks Danial, I will try to meet u in person when I come to Karachi next year!

        Posted on 07. Dec, 2011 at 2:59 pm #
        • From danialshah:

          @Osama: FOR SURE :)

          Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 4:18 am #
  5. From Fahad:

    You are really doing good job, to which actually I love to do… Traveling.. :)
    BTW all these thoughts were never in my mind, i dont even think them. Just do.. ;)

    Posted on 04. Dec, 2011 at 3:51 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Fahad: Thank you Fahad. Well actually these things are common but usually i have found that most of the people don’t travel just because of these simple things. If things are brought to you in your consciousness then its easy to work upon that. Agree? :)

      Posted on 04. Dec, 2011 at 7:44 pm #
  6. From fatima:

    hi Danial

    its great to read these points, but as someone mentioned before, its harder for women to travel, specially if they’re alone or not with family. i wish there were some way to make a group of young people who want to travel across Pakistan and don’t have anyone in their family whose ready to go with them :( its a beautiful country and its a shame we dont get to see other parts of it

    Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 10:30 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Fatima: I agree. Females do face issues in traveling but then Fatima, life is not that simple at all. every gender, every ethnic person and every individual faces its own challenges. I know some females who do travel alone in Pakistan. However then comes the family system for females as well that bound them not to do so. Again that too is a challenge :)

      Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 at 3:19 pm #
  7. From Meraj Khattak:

    Very nice. I really liked your blog. Keep it up.

    Posted on 17. Jan, 2012 at 8:33 am #
    • From danialshah:

      @Meraj: thank you :-)

      Posted on 21. Jan, 2012 at 1:10 pm #
  8. From Hanny:

    This is so true, esp. the part about not gulping down everything that is published by newspapers/TV stations. When I got back from Karachi and blogged about it, my friends were also surprised because it really didn’t match the mental image they used to have about Pakistan (shaped by headlines flashing on TV screens). I think every country has their own pluses and minuses; and the best is to be humble and to carry yourself well, respecting the culture and tradition in these new places, accepting it as it is without comparing it to your country or other places you’ve visited before. And Pakistan is dangerously enchanting! You would want to go back and experience more of it! :) |

    Posted on 08. May, 2012 at 10:16 am #
  9. From Mohin:

    Hello, nice to read your blog, I am an Indian, what about an Indian travelling to Pakistan, is it safe?

    Posted on 11. Aug, 2012 at 9:33 am #
    • From Saifuddin Kamran:

      For Indians it is like a local travelling, as the Indians look and speak like Pakistanis and have similar cultures or multitude of cultures. Our Indian friends were never identified as foreigners here and we were never identified as foreigners there whenever we visited each other.

      Posted on 02. Sep, 2012 at 3:59 pm #
  10. From Saifuddin Kamran:

    You are doing a great job by showing the real picture of our beautiful country and its kind, helpful people. I have been to some countries and have found our country to be not much different from others in terms of safety and security if you are sensible enough to follow some simple guidelines such as those discussed above. In addition to that having a map of the areas to be visited, keeping loose cash with you, visiting the area on Google Earth first, having someone to receive you on different points at different times (one can easily find people using internet), etc. always help.

    Posted on 02. Sep, 2012 at 3:54 pm #
  11. From Travel Guide:

    Dear Danial Shah,

    This is an Excellent article, you are right there is no place dangerous or safe. One can get ripped in New York as well as in Chaman but Chaman may be less as there are lesser people.

    Also it is irony that Pakistan receives about 50 to 100 tourist (Real foreign tourist but since 1989 I have only seen one incident of a rape case that to back in 1991, no tourist has ever been killed not expressed in Pakistan.

    I am a tourist guide here in Pakistan since 1989.


    Posted on 20. Nov, 2012 at 3:08 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      Dear Jamal,
      Thank you for your appreciation. I can understan how difficult it would be for you now to work as a tour guide. but brother, there are always good times and bad times in our lives. I hope that things will get better in Pakistan. I always encourage people to travel.

      Posted on 22. Nov, 2012 at 7:10 am #
  12. From Political discussions:

    Propaganda is so successful against Pakistan that this question has become important.Thanks for sharing this post.

    Posted on 05. Nov, 2013 at 1:18 pm #
  13. From Syeda Bukhari:

    I totally agree with what you have said above. Now that I have stopped watching news and reading crappy media insights……I can travel easily without any fear! Last year after the first trekking experience of my life…. backpacking has become way to easy …..been travelling quite a lot lately. When I came back from Chitral rather Kalaash earlier this year ….all I got to hear from my family, relatives and colleagues was….thank God you returned alive….as if I went to a war zone!
    Thanks for sharing all your relevant experiences! :)

    Posted on 06. Jul, 2014 at 4:18 pm #


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