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I love in flight meals.

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pia inflight meal I love in flight meals.

Inflight meal in PIA - Islamabad to Chitral

Be it the small airport destination like Dera Ghazi Khan or international ones like Karachi, in the middle of a desert like Bahawalpur or in the mountains like Quetta, Gilgit or Skardu, I have always enjoyed my journeys. There is an another charm in enjoying your journey other then the destination. Be it on road, on train or in the air. I would always wait for the train to stop at  railway stations so that i can have my food. I would always wait for the bus to stop at the hotel so that i can enjoy my meal. Similarly, I was always excited with in flight meal and would always wait for it. No matter if i already have had my meal at home or in the hotel or whereever, i would still wait for the inflight meal.

There is a different charm in having your cup of tea or coffee while flying. If its a day flight you’ll get to have your meal with spectacular views.

I have also found our PIA’s inflight meal to be better and tastier in every flight. With every different destination, i would get a different meal and then a different happiness to enjoy it.

How about you? Can you share how do you enjoy your journeys?

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10 Responses to “I love in flight meals.”

  1. From Saghir A. Khatri:

    Salam Danial bhai,
    i love to travel. i have not travelled far from thatta yet :)
    but everytime journey to thatta is awesome. :)

    We always stop at gharo and have some pakoras from there (dont knw why we like tht pakoras, but they taste gr8 :p )

    during the time of traveling my phone camera remains on, so tht i can catch some awesome moments in pics :)

    btw i am pin pointing something, plz dont mind :p
    i frst paragraph u ve written “would always wait for the train to stop at the railways station so that i can have my food.”. (line 4)

    replace with this, “would always wait for the train to stop at the railway stations so that i can have my food.” :p
    or if u come up with better words, go ahead.

    thnks btw for new post :)
    Saghir A. Khatri

    Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 7:05 am #
    • From danialshah:

      Pakorey? wow. I love pakorey and samosay with chai. I have been to Thatta once and i guess i had biryani in Gharo.

      Thank you Saghir for mentioning the mistake :) its corrected now :-)

      Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 7:56 am #
      • From Nilam:

        Fantastic!!simple yet impressive piece of writing.This what i love about your can easily get engrossed in reading your description.Keep writing.

        Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 2:40 pm #
        • From danialshah:

          @Nilam: oh i am honored :) shukria Nilam :)

          Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 at 6:27 pm #
  2. From Ameen:

    I honestly don’t like flight, they ALWAYS tend to get my stomach upset :/

    Out of the local airline i.e. pia, airblue and shaheen, I think Shaheen serves the best breakfast. The last time I travelled with them, they served two sandwiches of chicken and cheese respectively. Both were great.

    Have you ever taken the Daewoo bus from Karachi to Islamabad/Lahore??? I have multiple times. The journey is great, the views are great but I never purchased food while on the bus from outside hotels, always took biscuits or bakery sandwiches with me. But there was this one place near Bhawalpur i think, they sold the best chicken+aalo k samosay. and they were huge as well. Must Try hai!!

    Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 at 5:16 am #
    • From danialshah:

      @Ameen: never tried Shaheen, but airblue i can say has good meals too :). oh DAEWOO, yes yes a lot. I have traveled in daewoo rwp – lahore, rwp – peshawar, rwp – bahawalpur, multan, abbotabad and you name them :) . wish to try that aalo k samosay :)

      Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 at 3:18 pm #
  3. From Wafa Tariq:

    Well PIA is the ONLY flight in which you will receive food according to the FLIGHT!:D- If flight is arriving at Pakistan, you will have the most THAKA HOA KHANA!- and if it is going some where else the quality of food will be totally different! PAkisstaniii WE ARE!:D

    Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 at 12:01 pm #
    • From danialshah:

      @Wafa: of common Wafa. Itna bhi bura nahi hota

      Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 at 3:15 pm #
  4. From Meraj Khattak:

    My experience with PIA regarding food was very bad on a flight from LHR to KHI. So I will give it 1 out of 10 :)

    Posted on 17. Jan, 2012 at 8:36 am #
    • From danialshah:

      @Meraj: i can understand :)

      Posted on 21. Jan, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

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