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23. Aug, 2011

Wallpaper : Water Stream from Azad Kashmir

Wallpaper : Water Stream from Azad Kashmir

wallpaper water splash pakistan Wallpaper : Water Stream from Azad Kashmir

I am uploading a wallpaper from my Pakistan series after quite a long time. Previously i intended to upload monthly wallpapers but then didn’t see any charm in that and then i descided to upload wallpapers randomly with no specific time duration involved.

This picture is one of my recent experiment of a long exposure shot taken at one of the water stream flowing in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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15. Jul, 2011

Man vs Nature

Man vs Nature

Kashmir is all green but there are places where you’ll get to see dry patches besides the mountains, the dry patch of rocky stones spreaded all over. If i would have captured this picture all alone without the man on top right walking towards me, you would not have been able to understand the size of these stones, big stones.

dhulli Man vs Nature

A man walking towards me from faraway - shot near by a water stream at Dhulli - Azad Kashmir - Paksitan


Dhulli, a small valley close to Bagh in Azad Kashmir was one of the place where i spent few days while traveling all across Pakistan. This patch of stones and cold water stream was right at 5 minutes distance to the place where i stayed and it became my daily routine to go and sit by the stream every sunset.

I can’t capture whole nature in just one photograph, but i can snap the essence of its mightiness. Nature is next to BIG, next to un imaginable by man, we can only understand the difference, feel it and let go. Nature does unimaginable things that moves us.

What do you have to say about nature? How would you describe the mightiness of nature versus man?

18. Jun, 2011

Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Traveling all across Pakistan, i still feel how less i have traveled this country. Is this life enough to cover all places of Pakistan? Have been missing lots of historical sights of Sindh, the beautiful Swat, lots of treks in Baltistan, hidden mountains of Balochistan, Kashmir beyond just Muzafarabad, hundreds of lakes and a lot more. However, i still feel good that atleast i keep on going. Life goes on and lets see how much will i explore more of Pakistan in future.

Just sharing a single photograph from each province of Pakistan that i feel is truly breathtaking for me.  Its not the photograph that i am sharing, but a feeling that i had while taking these photograph.

I just have one question for you? Have you traveled to all provinces of Pakistan? if yes, how? and if not, then tell me which one are you missing? Post in your answers in the comments below.

arabian sea sunset karachi pakistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Arabian Sea, Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan

shahi masjid chitral pakistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Shahi Masjid, Chitral - Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

dhulli bagh azad kashmir pakistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Dhulli, Azad Kashmir - Pakistan

rakaposhi landscape pakistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

road to ziarat balochistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Road to Ziarat, Balochistan - Pakistan

clock tower multan pakistan Photographing all provinces of Pakistan

Clock Tower, Multan, Punjab - Pakistan


17. Jun, 2011

Kashmir – The green land

Kashmir – The green land
muzafarabad kashmir 300x199 Kashmir   The green land

Muzafarabad Aerial View

I had always wanted to visit Kashmir. People from all over the country have been telling me that i don’t have a single stuff from Kashmir, so there you go. I recently visited few places of Kashmir. After hearing a lot about that green land, it truly is beautiful; heaven on earth. Green fields all over the mountain, its everywhere.

Muzafarabad, the capital of AJK itself is a hot city. I couldn’t differentiate between the weather of Islamabad and Muzafarabad. However the city is a gateway to all other beautiful valleys of Kashmir and is at a distance of nearly 3 hours drive from Rawalpindi.

I’ll be sharing stories of my stay in Bagh, a short trip to Pir Chinasi Hill station and some other valleys. I understand i still have left a lot of other beautiful parts of Kashmir and i know its a reason to go back there soon!

The above shot of Muzafarabad city was taken while i was en route to Pir Chinasi hill Station.