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28. Dec, 2011

Receiving the award…

Receiving the award…

best travel blog paksitan blog award1 Receiving the award...


Being one of the nominations, like every other nominee in the auditorium, all i was waiting for them to announce my set of awards. It was like a numb feeling of whats happening around me. I could not feel it. I could not wait for the moment they announce the winner.  It’s not like that i wanted to win, but i wanted this suspense to end. Be it a winner or not. It should end. The numb feelings and butterflies in stomach.

Annual Pakistan Blog Award held on December 23, 2011 in Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi Pakistan.

Nearly half way through the ceremony, Rabia Garib announced : ” Best travel blog of the year“. I didn’t realize how many seconds it took for her to say “iExplorePakistan”, but it felt like time has stopped for me. Heart beats increased. My ears could not hear anything else except for her to say iExplorePakistan.

I received the award. While on my way back from the stage and the trophy in my hand, the unconscious questions from back of my head started coming to my conscious.  It said ” Best Travel Blog”. Best?  Have i really done anything remarkable to deserve such an award? Because right before going to the ceremony my mind was juggling with thoughts of traveling more since i have seen less of Pakistan, as yet. Publish more. Share more. Nearly more then half of my photos and stories are not yet published neither are online. Still putting up this content online made me deserve this award? Win it?

I don’t have another word to put it but “nice” feeling it was. Because iExplorePakistan was something i created with a lot of research and study work, a lot of traveling and most important, with a lot of dreams to see Pakistan. And right after its inception a year and half back, i held my self responsible for working more for the nation. I feel the sense of responsibility in me. And awards like Nishan-e-Azm or Best travel blog makes me more responsible to the nation.

I feel happy. Though i am not a soldier who can fight for the nation on borders, neither a politician to develop productive strategies for the country, but what i do have is a small number of skills and that i can surely devote it for for the country, as a Pakistani, for Pakistan.

24. Aug, 2011

Get Inspired

Get Inspired
inspiration Get Inspired

The shot was taken right after sunset at the Clifton Beach, Karachi - Pakistan

Inspiration. Normally our life revolve around things we are inspired with. Everything we do and tend to do is a result of getting inspiration from our surroundings. I started Photography and Traveling similarly. Inspiration to travel came from my Father who is always on the go while photography came from appreciation of nature. But that is not the end, i get inspired everyday from my daily life. From my dreams, from my travelings, from the sunset, from the sunrise, a horse ride at the beach, a trek up to the mountain, reading a nice book, a pigeon flying next to my window, a child on other side of road with a smile full of hope etc etc.

How do you get inspired? Where do you get your inspiration from? Is there anything that you look forward to get inspired? Mentors? Nature? Books? Movies? Do Share!


10. Aug, 2011

Observing Last Beam of Light Hitting the Peak

Observing Last Beam of Light Hitting the Peak
last beam Observing Last Beam of Light Hitting the Peak

Hindukush Mountains in Kuragh near Chitral, Pakistan


I made it my habit everyday during my stay around Hindukush Mountains to observe the Sun setting behind and experiencing last beam of light hitting the closest mountain. The feeling of belonging and closeness to the nature is beyond explaining.

Have you ever done anything like that in your life? Please Share icon smile Observing Last Beam of Light Hitting the Peak

08. Jul, 2011

The beauty of Silence

The beauty of Silence
isloated at clifton beach The beauty of Silence

Taken right after the sunset at Clifton Beach Karachi while i observed a faraway isolated man enjoying the beauty of silence.

Have you ever had a moment of silence? With no thinking, no communication and no listening. Just silence? All of our lives we have been doing things or sitting idle but still thinking. Have you ever tried listening to the silence? The perfect moment that takes you to an isolated world of yours? where all you can hear is your own inner self? Have you ever noticed the sounds in your surroundings? Sound of waves along the sea shore, birds chirping in the morning, sound of the wind etc.

I understand its difficult to do or takes time but do give it a try. You’ll not only find answer to your problems but also self discovery.

My biggest inspiration in photography comes from the moment in beauty of silence. What are you inspired of?