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05. Jul, 2014

Excuses people make not to travel in Pakistan

Excuses people make not to travel in Pakistan

I have been traveling across Pakistan since quite a few years now. It’s easy for me to travel within the country keeping in view my low budget and nominal income. The point is, it is not at all expensive to travel within Pakistan as compared to travel abroad for vacations and it is as unsafe and safe as any other country could be.

So i get appreciation by friends, fans and random people around on how awesome my lifestyle is and how great it is to travel and explore the diversity and beauty of Pakistan. They show their concern that they also want to do it, but then come up with excuses that i want to address and then, they travel abroad instead of Pakistan.

It is really normal for them to say “Oh I have been to Thailand twice, once to Malaysia and Turkey and I have seen quite a few countries in Europe. In Pakistan, I have just visited Lahore and Karachi, that too for work. Oh yes, i went to Islamabad once during my childhood.”

and here are their top 4 excuses:

1. Halaat kharab hien

These are the city dwellers. Haalat is their fist biggest excuse. They think something will happen to them if they travel in Pakistan. Of course that is not their fault, it is the media that makes them think that way. Though reality is different. People all over Pakistan are same and they face the same problem as you do. Ok so what about your phone that got snatched on gunpoint in Karachi the previous week? you still live in Karachi right?

2. Leaving my comfort zone

“I don’t know if there are any hotels, or good hotels to stay. I don’t know if i can find wifi there. Can i check my emails while going to the base camp of K2?”
Do I need to say anything? YES. STAY AT HOME.

3. Lack of infra structure

You know the roads, and all flights getting cancelled. Isn’t it better to take overnight flight to bangkok then a road trip to Karakoram highway?
Hmm…Yes, then go to Bangkok and never see what this country has for you.

4. I don’t have the budget

Oh so what about your last vacation to Thailand? You probably need half the amount of that to go to the base camp of K2.

I say, yes, you should travel and explore other countries. But don’t make excuses not to travel within Pakistan.

Pakistan has a unique diversity. The coastal area of the south, the sufi shrines in Sindh and Punjab, the green mountains of Kashmir, the high snow caped peaks of Baltistan and what not. And the good news is, there are hotels and most of the places are safe. What’s unsafe is in your mind. Of course that doesn’t mean that the places are all safe from crimes and all. But dude, do you know the crime rate of Bangkok in specific with reference to tourists? and what about the cities you live in?

Can you think of more excuses? Post them in comments icon smile Excuses people make not to travel in Pakistan

Happy Traveling.



22. Nov, 2012

Never let someone else live your dream

Never let someone else live your dream

vigne glacier danial shah Never let someone else live your dream


It has happened to me many times and now is the time i think i should say that publicly  People have been calling, texting and mailing me, telling me how lucky i am to do what i am doing. They want to do it themselves as well, and they start comparing their lives with me.

Please, DO NOT compare yourself with mine. You are awesome, you have your own life, your own set of rules, your own way of living, your own dreams, don’t see someone else’s life and wish to make that yours. I tried that and its of no use. I have gone through my own experiences and you have to go through your own.

Find yourself, dig deep into your heart, see what your circumstances are, how strong you are inside, what opportunities do you have, and then give it a start.

But never compare your life to someone else’s. Never let someone else live your dream, live it yourself.


-Danial Shah

30. May, 2012

Lahore Lahore hai…

Lahore Lahore hai…

wallpaper Lahore Lahore hai...

It is truly said “Laore Laore hai” and i realized it after spending almost two weeks in the most happening city of Punjab “Lahore”.

It started with a photography workshop on “Celebrating Multi-culturism in Pakistan” with Punjab Lok Rahs where 18 students were selected from all across Pakistan. I was one of the trainer and spent all 6 days with awesome participants, explored the old city with them working on their assignments.

IMG 0175 Lahore Lahore hai...

For me, the perception of Lahore has always been of a happening city, alive, full of fun. Although it was hot outside but the essence of enjoying the place took over the heat.  Traveling in a Rikshaw all over from posh areas of the city to the hustle bustle of old city, being stranger and observing real people of the real lahore was what all required to ignite my soul.

Exploring old city took my imagination hundred years back in the Mughal era. While the sun was setting in front of one of the domes of beautiful Badshahi masjid, i saw a transition of history and culture that beautiful structure has gone through over period of time.

Its not just the old city that made me fall in love with the city, but its food too. Lahoris are famous for having good taste of food that is tasty, oily, pure and heavy. Lassi, Chaney, Halwa puri, Phajey k Pai and what not.

Our last day was spent going early morning at Badshahi Mosque before the sunrise to take photos at Majic hours.

536394 10150990929095470 965088070 n Lahore Lahore hai...

Participants - Photography Workshop - Punjab Lok Rahs May 2012


IMG 0341 Lahore Lahore hai...

Participants - Photography Workshop - Punjab Lok Rahs May 2012


Leaving that city was like leaving something important. The feeling of incompleteness. Something that holds you back, calls you back, to make you fall for the colors of historical transition.



24. May, 2011

Staying with tranquility – Hindukush heights

Staying with tranquility – Hindukush heights
Hindukush Heights by Danial Shah 6 200x300 Staying with tranquility   Hindukush heights

From the Balcony of my Hotel Room in Hindukush Heights, Chitral, Pakistan

I am still traveling these days. From Sindh to Balochistan to Khyber-Pakthunkhwa, Punjab, Kashmir and now going to Gilgit-Baltistan. The above picture was taken during my 3 day stay in Hotel Hindukush Heights Chitral. I spent my time reading travelogues and having lots and lots of tea while enjoying the spectacular view.

I would strongly recommend you to stay in Hotel Hindukush heights if you prefer isolation, expect a spectacular view and a luxury stay. I will be writing a complete review of the places i have stayed in while i am back home.

Have you also stayed in any hotel of such type that offers some magnificent view in Pakistan? please do share. I would love to experience it.

15. May, 2011

Traveling traveling and only traveling

Traveling traveling and only traveling
trich mir 450x299 Traveling traveling and only traveling

Trich Mir from Ayun Valley - Hindukush - Pakistan

Ahh, Traveling extensively all across Pakistan for this month and recently came back from a great trip of Kalash and Hindukush Mountains.

The above picture was taken en-route to Chitral from Kalash and you can see the highest peak of the Hundukush “Trich Mir” right in front.

I will hopefully be back to regular blogging about my travels in Pakistan as soon as i get back home!


28. Apr, 2011

Danial Shah – The Man behind the Lens – Interview

Danial Shah – The Man behind the Lens – Interview

Sana Nasir Hassan, a Media Sciences student from Bahria Univeristy Karachi – Pakistan has recently interviewed me for her recent project and university’s monthly magazine.  I am thankful to her for considering me for this interview.

Click on images to read full interview:

Origional Blog post by Sana:

04. Apr, 2011

Missing Rain and Astore Valley

Missing Rain and Astore Valley
barish 450x301 Missing Rain and Astore Valley

Rain in Astore Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Early in the morning, dark clouds all over the valley and it started raining. I felt i wasn’t alive. It was like a dream valley. Snowy mountains, Green fields, puffy clouds right above me and tiny rain droplets on car’s windscreen. Who would want to miss that moment? I seriously was not in my senses to take my camera out and start shooting. I rather preferred to enjoy that moment with a hot cup of tea  from road side hotel.

I am missing rain and Astore Valley.

Have you also experienced anything like that with rain? Please share in the comments below icon smile Missing Rain and Astore Valley

01. Apr, 2011

Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder

Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder
paniala kids 450x301 Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder

Local kids at village Paniala, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

I was in search of Happiness, was always finding out ways what makes me happy. Either it is success, or some reward, internal motivation or even a praise by someone.

I went for trying thousand ways. Initially i thought metrial gains would make me happy but fortunately i figured it wrong at pertty early stage of my life. I came to a conclusion that happiness is your inner state of satisfaction. It lies within you. You need to find it out. Its not out there somewhere, but its right here with you. FIND IT OUT.
I find happiness in traveling, meeting with people, interacting with locals. I find happiness in meeting people who are ordinary like me. I find happiness in helping someone in need. I find happiness when someone is happy with me icon smile Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder

What makes you Happy? Post in your comments!

28. Mar, 2011

Trich Mir where Fairies live

Trich Mir where Fairies live
trich mir 450x301 Trich Mir where Fairies live

Trich Mir from Ayun Valley

“Fairies live there and they protect this valley from evil and never allow anyone to climb up to Trich Mir and meet them, if someone does, he never returns.”
Thats what my guide told me pointing at that mountain and thats where i got to know about its name “Trich Mir“. Later i got to know that its highest peak in Hindukush range and 33rd in world.

For a minute he really made me imagine fairies flying and living in the snow, the white bright fairies. But obviously, that was too far away from reality.

I have experienced such myths about certain mountains while traveling all across Pakistan. For example mountains of Lake Saifulmalook in Naran or Zarghoon Mountain range in Quetta are one of them.

I am pretty much fascinated by such things and seriously these things then tends me to explore more, to actually find out the hidden beauty.

Do you have any such story regarding any place? Any myth? Please do share in the comment below.

23. Mar, 2011

Danial Shah received Azm Award by Azm-e-Alishan

Danial Shah received Azm Award by Azm-e-Alishan

I feel great honor to announce that i was recently awarded with Nishan-e-Azm Award by Azm-e-Alishan in recognition of my contribution to the Nation.

Thank you for all for your countless support and making me win this award icon smile Danial Shah received Azm Award by Azm e Alishan

Here is the Award Winning video: